Children do not want to leave

16-05-2014 18:21

With a mobile version of the Pole Soccer Arena and special sports floor, they visit open days of football clubs or are hired by companies to entertain football fans or as a booster in activities.

The beauty of Pole Soccer is that because of the boarding the ball constantly stays in the game, '' says Pim Blokland of Pole Soccer. There is much more action, speed and excitement. As a player your concentration must not slacken. If you do not pay attention, your pole is shot down and then you have to go to the side and give a new player a chance to survive as many rounds he or she can. It is a totally new version of the old Dutch street football game.

You can play Pole Soccer individually, but also as a team. ,, We organize big tournaments. It's just what our customers wants. With the mobile version there are always two people of Pole Soccer present. To monitor and to keep the overview. We never have problems, but one make sure that outside the boarding everyone stays neatly in queue and waiting for their turn and the other is watching the game so that no violations are made. For example sliding and tackles are out of the question. Pole Soccer is about technique. In this game you quickly can spot the excellent players.

The Pole Soccer Arena is built up within an hour and in principle can be placed anywhere if the surface is flat. ,, Preferably we place the mobile field on artificial turf or grass, but it can also be placed directly on the street. Then we use our special sports floor so that players have sufficient grip and not hurting themselves. Pole Soccer is so liked by many children that they often do not want to go home. The hardest time of the day for us is the time that we need to disassemble the arena, because there are always children who want to go on. Its also very nice for parents and other spectators. Often the rows are deep around the arena. For many open day or event the Pole Soccer Arena is the biggest crowd puller.

For the deployment of Pole Soccer we charge a daily rate. This includes a full-service package with the rental of one or more fields, transport, assembly and disassembly work on site, personnel support, sound system and a program to be determined by the client.

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