Pole Soccer for future football heroes

16-05-2014 18:11

The founder of this modern version of the old Dutch street football game called ‘paaltjesvoetbal’,  rolls out his promising concept at a rapid pace. SC Feyenoord was the first to embrace Pole Soccer. This week a Pole Soccer Technique Arena is put into use at Feyenoord Academy and more clubs now follow.

In the Netherlands the interest of clubs is very large. They recognize that Pole Soccer is an ideal training concept for the youth. With clubs from other countries, such as Dubai, Egypt, Cuba and Hungary, the negotiations are at an advanced stage. All clubs like to make room for a real Pole Soccer field. It is a unique training concept, where young players can learn and develop all the basics of football in a fun and very naturally way.

‘Youth trainers and coordinators are just as enthusiastic as the children’, says Erwin Stolk, who also gives clinics and demonstrations with a mobile version of the Arena. ‘Kids who play a lot of Pole Soccer become much better footballers’.

Dutch football icons like Johan Cruyff, Wim van Hanegem and Coen Moulijn learned football on the street. By the todays increase in traffic and the number of parked cars it is almost impossible for the kids to do so. Pole Soccer is the alternative to street football. ‘ It benefits not only the individual technique, but also the mental toughness. It's football in its purest form. In addition, a Pole Soccer Arena is just a great and fun game to the players and visitors to the club’.

Pole Soccer is played on a field of 10 by 10 meters. This is specially designed for Pole Soccer. The players compete against each other, defend their pole and try to eliminate their opponent. Around the field is a bounce boarding. This ensures that the ball remains in play.

The boarding gives clubs an interesting opportunity to recoup the investment of an arena. We have several proposals that make it for virtually any club financially possible to purchase a Pole Soccer Technique Arena ''.

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